"So they are no longer two, but one flesh.
Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate" Matthew 19:6

A church is the appropriate venue for the wedding of those who believe in Christ and who which to celebrate publicly God's blessing of their union with the Sacrament of Marriage..

Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage is the official ritual of the Church, so the Church regulates its celebration.

Initial Appointment

At least six months prior to your proposed wedding date, couples inquiring about a wedding at St Flannan's Catholic Church should make an appointment with Father.

Prior Marriage/s

If either of the couple have been married previously, including civily or in another faith tradition, the priest may not be authorised to celebrate your wedding.

An interview with the Parish Priest is required to clarify the matter.


The Church encourages you to spend your engagement preparing for a strong, lifelong marriage. Attendance at a Marriage Preparation Course, such as that offered by Centacare,  is a requirement for a wedding in the Church.
In preparing your marriage liturgy and wedding booklet the electronic resource LabOra Marriage is an invaluable planning aid. It is available from Liturgy Brisbane.


There is quite a lot of paperwork to complete - both for the Church and the Government. To help in this regard, you will need to obtain a copy of both your Birth Certificate and your Baptism Certificate.


  • Use of Church $350
  • Priest Stipend $400
  • Paperwork preparation and lodgement $30
  • Should you require an Organist, Vocalist or Catering Services the Parish Office can provide the contact details of persons who offer these services.
  • If any costs would cause undue financial stress, accommodation for your situation can be made in discussion with the Parish Priest.
  • For payment via credit card or EFT please refer to the Donations page of this website

Further Information

Contact the Parish Office to make an enquiry or arrange an appointment.

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