EcoWinners Club

Eco-Winners Club

Eco-Winners Club is an initiative of the St Flannan's Social Justice Action Group.

Tickets are sold in the club which runs for a year.

Each week there is a $50 prize draw which is often held in conjuction with an after mass cuppa.

In the final week there will be a major prize draw of $1800.

Tickets cost $260 ($5/week). Ticket Payments can be be made with a credit card via the Eco-Winners Payment link on the Donations page of this website.

After expenses, half the money from ticket sales goes towards projects with an environmental benefit to the parish and the other half is given away as prizes.

The 2017/2018 Eco-Winners Club raised $5059 to enable installation of the environmental friendly LED lights throughout the church. These will reduce our electricity consumption and also provide brighter lights.

The 2018/2019 Eco-Winners Club will be raising money for outdoor church seating and church data projection equipment. The data projection will enable reduction in newsletters in favor of projecting hymns and mass parts onto the church walls. The church seating will be situated in a shady outdoor spot to provide a comfortable space for parishioners waiting to be picked up after mass.

Click here to download the Application Form for the 2018/2019 Eco-Winners Club.

For further information, or to express interest in joining the next club, contact the Social Justice Action Group on email or the Parish Office.

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