EcoWinners Club 2018/19 – Winners

DrawDateTicket No.Winner
106/01/1932Brian F
206/01/1937Seamus & Briony D
313/01/1921Wilma van T
413/01/1925Tony & Desleigh G
520/01/1924Judith M
620/01/1938Dan & Helen M
727/01/192Donna L
827/01/1917Beryl O
903/02/1941Veronica G
1003/02/1935Ruby L
1110/02/198Mary B
1217/02/1923Peter and Betty T
1324/02/1915Alan and Dianne J
1403/03/1922Victoria R/ Osborne H
1510/03/1922Victoria R/ Osborne H
1617/03/1931Bernard and Patricia C
1724/03/1942William F
1831/03/1918Anna M
1907/04/1941Veronica G
2014/04/199Peter R
2121/04/1942William F
2228/04/1922Chris M
2305/05/1930Michael S
2412/05/197Maree H
2519/05/1927Joanna C
2626/05/1911David R
2702/06/1923Peter and Betty T
2809/06/1933Pat R
2916/06/1913Nancy D
3023/06/1910Dub and Melba G
3130/06/194Glen R
3207/07/1923Peter and Betty T
3314/07/1928Sr C Murphy
3421/07/1920Patricia T
3528/07/1916Chris & Jessie J
3604/08/1920Patricia T
3711/08/1920Patricia T
3818/08/1935Ruby L
3925/08/191Donna L
4001/09/1926Matt & Robyn T
4108/09/1916Chris & Jessie J
4215/09/1919Patricia O'C
4322/09/1929Rick & Marlene E
4429/09/1944Anna M
4506/10/1931Bernard & Patricia C
4613/10/192Donna L
4720/10/1929Rick & Marlene E
4827/10/1937Seamus, Briony, Genevieve, Malachy & Josephine D
4903/11/1921Wilma VT
5010/11/1929Rick & Marlene E
52 - 3rd Prize24/11/19
53 - 2nd Prize24/11/19
54 - Major Prize24/11/19

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