Becoming an Eco-Parish

The Pope in Laudato Si’ calls us to:

  • be ecological citizens
  • make prudent decisions
  • take sometimes bold actions
  • reduce emissions when it is in our control

What has been happening at St Flannan’s Parish?

Members of the St Flannan’s Social Justice Action Group (SJAG4034) have been active in promoting action on Climate Change.

In 2016 SJAG4034 hosted a screening of the environmental documentary Home followed by a six week faith education program Getting acquainted with Laudato Si’.

This year we used The Grace of Earth resource to host an environment themed Lenten Program. The program ran over six Thursdays from 2 March to 6 April.

How can we expand on the challenge of
implementing Laudato Si’ in St Flannan’s Parish?

To assist Parishes in bringing the Papal encyclical Laudato Si’ to life the Global Catholic Climate Movement offers an Eco-Parish Guide.

The Eco-Parish Guide has four sections:

  1. Reducing Parish Emissions
  2. Inspiring Parishioners
  3. Advocacy and Solidarity
  4. Benchmarking and Certification

Form a Care for Creation Team?

The Eco-Parish Guide recommends formation of a Care for Creation Team (C4CT) to drive the process.

The C4CT members would be people who are committed to raising awareness about the need to protect God’s Creation and to work for environmental sustainability and responsibility. They would meet regularly, at least monthly, in cooperation with the Parish Priest, to implement climate action at the Parish level.

Projects for a C4CT may include:

  • Monitor parish energy use
  • Implement green purchasing
  • Eliminate energy waste
  • Celebrate creation through special liturgies and prayer services
  • Invest in projects for energy savings
  • Promote recycling at parish facilities and functions
  • Substitute renewable energy for conventional fossil fuel derived energy
  • Reduce single occupant vehicle trips
  • Systematically replace inefficient light bulbs, electrical devices and appliances.

An aim of the C4CT would be to implement environmental practices at the Parish level which provide a credible role model to parishioners about what they can do in their homes, workplaces and schools.

The SJAG4034 is interested in this idea and would like to follow on from our Lenten program by helping to establish a Care for Creation Team within the Parish.

You are invited to participate…

An introductory Care For Creation Team meeting will be held on Thursday 27 April 2017 at 7.00 PM in the Parish Meeting Room.
RSVP and enquiries to:

Andrea Barton, SJAG4034 member

Andrea Barton

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