Care for Creation – Recycling

Recycling bins are available in the Hospitality Area and refurbished kitchen for the thoughtful disposal of waste.

Yellow bin:

  • mixed recyclables (glass, paper, metals, hard plastics) such as you would place in your yellow Council recycling bin at home
    • paper plates
    • serviettes (if not much food waste on them)
    • aluminium cans
    • glass bottles
    • plastic drink containers

Green bin:

  • soft plastics for recycling in the RedCycle bins at Coles or Woolworths
    • glad wrap (if not much food waste on them)
    • plastic shopping bags
    • biscuit packet wrappers

Kitchen Caddy:

Red Bin:

  • everything else goes in this bin, the contents of which will go to landfill.

Contact the Social Justice Action Group if you would like to find out more about recycling in our parish.


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